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Well, to really understand, you’d have to read “an interesting past“.  If you do, you’ll appreciate why I am so passionate about encouragement, inspiration, hope, and motivation. 

I guess you could sum it all up with the phrase “because I have been given much, I too must give”.

First and foremost, I have a burning testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and find the utmost joy in teaching and testifying of its principles – especially on such a regular basis.  This blog lets me be a kind of pioneer, with an opportunity to “brave new frontiers to spread the gospel”. 

But I also have a deep sympathy for the trials of life that create such heavy burdens that people bear, and want to be that voice to offer comfort, hope, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration.  It has a lot to do with my belief in “emotional supply lines“.

Finally, I believe it’s very important to speak up.  The world is having conversations about Mormonism using new media (particularly the internet), and increasingly people are turning online for research.  It’s important that when to do go online, they find the right information, and they find that information being shared and testified by real people.

Not many years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote “The tipping point“, a fascinating exploration of what makes ideas grow ubiquitous.  What takes them from just “an idea” to becoming a social phenomenon?  He talks about the linear impact that highly influential people can have on pushing an idea to its tipping point, where suddenly it becomes colossal. 

Then more recently, a researcher by the name of Duncan Watts suggested that the spread of social ideas was highly driven by cumulative word of mouth influence (more than by any one person).

The point is, the more people there are that are willing to invest in speaking out, sharing their ideas, and testifying, and the more successfully they are able to do it, the more those ideas become heard.  Increasing the frequency of the “pro” message, is an important step in shaping the larger social opinion, and reaching those individuals out there who are really seeking to discover.

To this point, on December 15, 2007, Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a speech to two hundred graduating students at Brigham Young University – Hawaii, wherein he states:

” We cannot stand on the sidelines while others, including our critics, attempt to define what the church teaches.  While some conversations have audiences in the thousands or even millions, most are much, much smaller. But all conversations have an impact on those who participate in them. Perceptions of the Church are established one conversation at a time.”

He said that there are too many conversations going on about the church for church representatives to respond to each of them individually, and that church leaders “can’t answer every question, satisfy every inquiry, and respond to every inaccuracy that exists.”  He said that these students should consider sharing their views on blogs, responding to online news reports, and using “new media” in other ways.

So I’ve decided to be a pioneer in my own way, in the hopes that just maybe somebody might find hope in my words… or truth, or faith – in which all my efforts would have been worth it.


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11 Responses

  1. Excellent blog my friend…. I will place your link on my site over at hub pages… always looking for ‘credible’ sources.


  2. Thank you, you’re too kind. I’ll make sure to check out your hub, and thanks for stopping by…

  3. Rusty, I have enjoyed reading your site this evening.
    In November I had these very same thoughts that you have discussed here. I thought it was extremely odd since I knew nothing about blogging, or even how to create one. But there it was. An overwhelming feeling to create one and get my voice “out there” – and hopefully bring a little light and joy into the blogger world – so I plunged in and began building my little virtual corner. I became quite attached to the project. However, I experienced strong opposition almost immediately afterwards which threatened to destroy my creation. Just days later, Elder Ballard gave his marvelous graduation address that you referenced. The timing was uncanny. It validated and encouraged me to the core, and it opened the way for me to continue. My little blog was saved! An interesting little drama I have pondered. The Young Women’s motto repeated each week states: “I will stand as a witness of God at all times, and in all things and in all places.” Surely, in the World Wide Web is one of the most important of all places in modern times.

    Keep standing! – MormonSoprano

  4. Thanks Holly. An old CEO of mine always told me “You should always expect the most flak the closer you get to your target”. I think he’s right. The closer you get to doing something meaningful, the more opposition you can expect to encounter. I’m glad, though, that you came through it standing, with a galvanized resolve to speak out.

    And congratulations on making it into the Tabernacle Choir. What an experience.


  5. Beautiful! This blog touches on some of the issues closest to my heart: the intersection of personality, philosophy, psychology, and theology. I began working in a Human Resources capacity last month and have had many of these things brought home to me in a very real way. Keep the thought-provoking posts coming!


  6. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and congratulations on your recent job change. Interestingly, I just read a particularly poignant post from Seth Godin today on HR – you might enjoy it…


    Again, thank you for visiting, I enjoy hearing from like-minded people.

  7. Hi rusty,
    nice mormon blog. I’m doing a German one at the up mentioned address.
    Come and visit sometime.

  8. Thanks Peter. Unfortunately I’m not as proficient at German as it seems you are with English – I couldn’t understand anything (but I did recognize the people in the pictures ;-)


  9. Hi there,I so enjoyed reading your story here in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.I am 62 and a convert to the church.Suffering from depression I sometimes wonder about my life and the very different path it has taken.However I have never doubted my Heavenly Fathers love for me or the purpose for which I am here.I know he lives and loves us and I send my love and a big hug to you all.My our Father be as close as a whisper and as near as a heartbeat to you and yours. Barbara Walker.Bundanoon NSW Australia.

  10. Thank you, may the Lord bless and comfort you at all times, and I hope you always remember, who you are…

    A child of royal birth…

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