Launching an all new

The time has finally come.  As those of you who have followed along for a while now know, I’ve been working on moving over to a self-hosted WordPress blog.  Today will be the last day for the site as you see it now.  Beginning tomorrow, the new site will launch.

What does that mean?

You won’t do anything different!

You’ll still get here the same way you always have – you can go to any of the following:

They’ll all now lead to the new blog.

Everything is already there!

All the content, posts, pages, and even comments that are here are already over there.  You can even check it out right now…

It’s still a work in progress!

I’ve still got several things I’m working on to make it a much better (more interactive, more engaging, more easy to use) blog.  I’ll update you as I make important changes and add important features.

I’d love your feedback!

My first post there will be a “What’s New” post, where I explain the various parts of the new interface and introduce the new blog design.

Please feel free to leave me comments on what you like and dislike.  What you’d like to see added.  I finally have all control!!! So we can do some great things.  Just let me know what you think, and I’ll make changes accordingly.

Bigger, better content!

Now that I’ve got a self-hosted blog, I can begin some of those terrific projects I’ve been craving… like the Plan of Salvation presentation, and much more. 

Invite your friends!

MormonConversations, will be a place where all faiths are welcome.  We’ll have terrific, doctrinal discussions about Mormonism, our beliefs, and our church.  I’ll answer any questions anyone may have about Mormonism.  And, of course, I’ll provide a steady stream of coverage about things that I feel are important – things that inspire, motivate, and enlighten.  It’ll be the same thing you’ve found here in the past… only better.  So please, share. 

I look forward to a lot fun and engaging conversations in our future.

Kindest regards,


One Response

  1. I’m excited. I love the new look; it’s very Apple shiny! I’m glad that you’re still blogging; I was a bit worried that your hiatus for the past few months meant that you were getting out of blogging. I’ve always thought your blog was one of the most well-written, interesting, and helpful LDS blogs out there. Anyway, I’m not trying to flatter, I just really enjoy your posts and blog. :) Thanks and keep up the great work!

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